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Consulting & Coaching

Finding your dream passion and earning rates you’ve never imagined possible, while maintaining time for your family and hobby — its much easier if you know your next steps.

Do you know?

Whether you are just starting out, self-taught or graduated;

ready to expand your freelance business and looking for the most efficient way of doing that;

struggling to find a work/life balance or think about shifting your career —

well, I’ve done it all and can surely say, all these things are much easier when a helping hand guides you trough the challenging times.

Well-timed decisions and work-life balance make up 90% of career success.

Throughout my years of experience working in studios, freelancing, creating digital products, and even managing my own studio, I’ve filled various roles.

This has allowed me to conduct in-depth research into the key skills, mindsets, and actions required for growth –

professional, mental, and financial.

Consulting sessions are 50-min 1-on-1 video calls. Aim of  the session is to help solve immediate questions or overcome present challenges.

Coaching sessions are continious trainings, hour long call where we discuss your long-term perspective, make sure you have clear directions and overcome challenges, enjoy your life and keep it balanced, while constantly growing – professionally, mentally and financially. Coaching isn’t a rapid solution, but rather a sustaining aid to achieving your long-term goals.


The rate for one session is $80. My usual working hours are 8 AM – 5 PM EEST (Eastern European Standart Time), please make sure it fits your schedule and/or timezone.

All sessions are confidential. Your business and personal details will never be shared with any third parties.

Let me help you solve momentary questions or

guide you on your journey, because —

its time to let the world know about you.