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Hi, I’m Nick –
3D Motion Designer

I guide and support fellow 3D designers by creating extensive learning materials, design mentorship and personalised career consulting.


You are very welcome to join my Patreon to learn SideFX Houdini & Redshift with me and our community.
Each month features 3-4 beginner to intermediate step-by-step tutorials that cover fx algorithm setup, material setup, lights and cameras.

Additionally, you can acquire project files of my older tutorials on Gumroad.

Patreon Exclusive

Patreon tutorials are exclusive for 4 month. After that project files of my tutorials are added to Gumroad.

“Rigid” Vellum Reassembly

Vellum Vacuum Bag

Alembic Moss Growth

Recursive RBD Fracture

VellumĀ  + Attribute Solvers

Pyro Suction

Vellum Proximity Shapematch

Vellum Noise Growth

RBD Injection

Beginner Modelling Practice

Vellum Fluid UV Mix

FLIP Morph

Viscous Honey

Vellum Swirl Look Dev (3 Scenes)

Multiple Rigid Body Object Sim

Cracking Ice

Softbody + Glue Grains

Icy Swirl

Multi Layer Frost

Growing Vellum Cables

Vellum Pyro Advection

Heightfields Pyro Advection

RBD Spherify Morph

RBD & Attribute Fade Solver

Vellum Constraint Flow

Grain Constraints Melt

3D Printing + Modeling

RBD Interpolation

Metal Carving Effect

Vellum Inflation Mask

Pyro Injection + Vellum

Mountain Terrains 101 (4in1)

Viscous RBD “Emitter”

VDB Structures

Vellum Stretch & Pressure

Mesh To Grains

RBD Rocks Destruction 101

Audioreactive Vellum

Voronoi Mirror Displacement

Non-Mixing Vellum Fluid

Vellum Terrain Flow & UVs

Gumroad & Patreon

RBD + Fluid Velocity

Hair Advection

VDB Morph

Advection Mirror

Pop Attract To Shape

Terrain, Grain Flow & Water

RBD Multiplication

Cotton Candy Hair

Rust Removal (Pop Infect Attribute)

RBD Growth To Shape

Dynamic Stitching

Vellum Weave

Vellum Inner Explode

Dynamic Vellum Wrap

No-Sim Grain Wave

Vellum Inflate Loader

Vellum Foil Coat

Ropes And Knots V1

Ropes And Softbody

Squishy And Swirly Vellum

Vellum Hair Impact + LERP

RBD Activation with Pyro

Vellum Constraints & Pyro

VDB Point Growth

Advanced RBD Disintegration

Pyro RBD Advect

Cloth Disintegration

Pyro Meshing + UV Warp

Surface Flow

Moss Growth on Surface

Industrial Foam Growth

Beginner Vellum Crumple