Hi, I’m Nick — 3D Designer
and founder of XYZ Art Mag

I do 3D Design Tutorials and Assets that you were looking for to create your greatest projects!

Latest Tutorial

Create something so SATISFYING that can easily become VIRAL on social media because of how interesting it looks. Its an easy Houdini tutorial made for beginners. It covers procedural modelling, simulation setup and setting up a scene in Cinema 4D using Octane Render


We all want great looking renders done fast, right?
I create packs of pre-built tools to make your production workflow easier.

FREE Flora Wallpaper Pack

5 Beautiful Animated Blooming Flowers

18 Abstract Organic Coral Models

FREE Houdini Octane Render Setup Template


I always try to learn something new or give an in-depth look to the known feature – regardless, I will record my screen and share what I have learned.

Project files available for each tutorial

Houdini Particles – Glowing Swirl. Octane Render

Speed up Octane Renders with just ONE feature

New Plastics Melting Brain in Houdini, Cinema4D and Octane Render

Holmedals’ Animated Recursive Subdivisions

Pyro FX Particle Advection & Collisions

Easy Realistic Lighting with Octane

10+ Passive Income Ways for 3D Artists and Motion Designers

Curl Noise Beginner Setup

Brick in your face! Fluid Sim Houdini

Beginner Abstract Walking Wire Setup

Particle Powder Paint FX